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Light Fittings

Most of our modern lights burn either a filament or a gas which in turn creates light, but this light energy doesn’t come without a cost, heat is produced as these lights run. Even energy efficient LEDs produce enough heat to start a fire.

Some commercial buildings have highboy lighting with large bright lamps, if these lamps burst they will send a shower of hot glass onto the people and products below, regulations now state that these fittings must now be fitted with glass shields.

Many houses and workplaces have burnt down and countless people have lost their lives from electrical fires and the majority of these have come from light fittings creating enough heat to ignite a fire in the roof cavity.

Within the last few years the electrical industry has had a major redesign of how and where we place our lights and even the lights themselves have been reconstructed to dissipate this heat more efficiently.

But what about those lights installed three or more years ago, they are all a potential fire risk as the new regulations only cover lights installed from 2012.

We can help you by checking your light fittings and making sure they are safe and comply with all current regulations.

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