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Emergency Lighting

All workplaces in New Zealand must comply with the new Zealand building regulations in regards to lighting for an emergency power outage.

Our team at can help you understand and comply with these regulations ,we can check to see if your current exit and emergency lighting system is up to date with the current regulations and advise of any changes or improvements that may need to be made.

Emergency lights have dry cell battery’s which overtime can lose their charge, lamps which can eventually fail or burn out and wiring that may become compromised in some way.

We can perform regular checks help you keep your emergency system maintained so if that unfortunate event ever happens , you and your employees can reach safety as quick as possible. 

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As professional electricians, we understand the consequences of machinery breaking down and the urgent nature of getting it repaired. By having us on the job, you will have an experienced, professional and reliable electrician on call 24/7.

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